About us

ACAGO Logistics is a Romanian private company, licensed as a expedition company, which offers a wide range of logistics services, internal and international freight transports, as well as storage services.

The seven hubs in the country that will be operational in a short time and whose locations are strategically placed near the border areas, help us to offer the optimal conditions for maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain with complete logistics and warehousing solutions.

Our transport and professional support services guarantee the maximization of the efficiency of the supply chains through low costs, speed of transports in double insurance regime and real-time tracking of the route of the goods by the clients, from the lifting point to the final destination.




Through its ambitious plans and investments in the creation of a hub network at national and international level, ACAGO Logistics aims to stand out in the highly competitive market in the field of logistics through quality services, openness to business partners and the courage to do things differently.


ACAGO Logistics' mission towards it’s customers is to organize and provide national and international storage and transportation services - by road, rail, sea & river, air and combined, maintaining a continuous focus on professionalism and compliance with the highest quality standards. Oriented to invest in the development of the company, the improvement and increasing of the range of services provided, we aim to identify the transport solutions in order to create a sustainable future.


SERIOUSNESS - Our professional team treats every client with the same respect and consideration.
PROMPTITUDE - Our answers and services will respect your need for quick solutions because we know that time is the most important resource.
FLEXIBILITY - Our representatives will be in constant contact with you both to establish the prices and to identify the best conditions for the provided services.


Vasile SANDU – Chief executive officer (CEO)
Petronela SANDU – Chief financial officer (CFO)
Silviu GABOR – Logistics Manager